Growth happens

at the edges

Wherever you're headed and whatever you're facing, you don't have to do it alone.


Dessy Levinson, creator of the CRATE Mind Framework, will partner with you to identify and reframe existing internal narratives, align objectives with accountability, and help you become your bravest, most functional self.


Whether you're addressing career, relational, strategic, or internal challenges, there's a path forward—armed with clarity, reflection, agency, trust, and energy.

It's time you found your edge.

  • Face  your fears

  • Shift course & build a map

  • Trust yourself & others

  • Align purpose & strategy

Who you are

is how you lead

There's a version of your story where you regularly make the brave, aware choice. Where the narratives of your past empower, rather than deplete your future. It's time to integrate your internal resistance and become a more functional person, a more inspiring leader, and the focused and conscious human you always wanted to be.

How do you get there?

Step up and do the work.

CRATE Framework 


Become aware of the narratives and emotional dynamics you hold


Identify and reframe the behavioral  patterns that influence your reactions


Use tools and knowledge to influence outcomes


Build relational safety by deepening your knowledge of self and others 


Harness physical and emotional strength to persevere through high-stress situations

Dessy Levinson is a strategy, narrative, and relational coach, the creator of the CRATE Mind Framework, founder of, and an early-stage investor and advisor. She helps individuals (and their partners, co-founders, and teams) align their internal narratives to achieve lasting change.


Dessy lives at the intersection of psychology, creativity, and early-stage startups. In all three spheres, she has witnessed real growth happen at the edges of our comfort zone—which is why she coaches humans to chart a path toward fear.


Most recently, Dessy served as Managing Director at 645 Ventures, where she invested in early-stage consumer startups and frontier technologies. She is mentored by David Pezenik, L.C.S.W, and Executive Somatic Coach Rachel Rider, and has trained at the Relational Life Institute with Terry Real. Her popular keynotes include "Do What Scares You", "Immersive Power", and "Thinking in Story".


What Clients Say

Dessy is an insightful, responsive, warm, and incredibly helpful executive coach who cuts directly to the heart of the issue.  She has expertise in storytelling, technology, the venture capital space, and understands how to construct a clear and concise presentation that is also visually beautiful.  Sometimes I can get bogged down in details and Dessy helps me see the forest through the trees.  I have enthusiastically recommended her executive coaching services to friends and will continue to do so!!

Kristin D.
Managing Partner, Kraken Capital


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